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September 25th

The Layout of our Events:

The Divisions

Expert- This is the best of the best. If you go to tournaments to compete for prize money, this is for you. The average expert player has been playing for multiple years, can consistently "cut the ball" on their serves, set, and put the ball away using both hands. All games will have at least one observer. If you play in this division, it is expected that you will be able to observe other matches. The expert division will utilize the 1.5 ft "No Hit Zone". For more information on rules check out Spikeballs Website. Our expert division will also adhere to the 2021 Jersey Mandate. In short, you and your partner need to be matching for the entirety of the day, unless weather or other unpreventable circumstances do not allow the jerseys to be worn. Here is the in-depth version

Advanced - This division has a mix of players: those that are trying to push their game to the next level and newer players that want some serious competition. The average advanced player has been to tournaments in the past and has been playing for around a year. Many advanced players can put "cut" on their serves and are proficient hitters.

Intermediate - This is the division for the new players! This division is guaranteed to be fun. The average intermediate player is playing in one of their first tournaments or takes roundnet less seriously and is here for a good time. This division often has lots of rallies and not a lot of aces! If you have won an MRA Intermediate Tournament previously, you MUST play advanced or Expert!

What does the day of the tournament look like?

  • Each team will be placed into a "pool" in their respective division. These pools will consist of 5-8 teams. You and your partner will play each team in your pool one game to either 15 or 21. How you perform in pool play will determine your seed for bracket play. Every team will make the bracket and have a chance to win their division. Bracket play is single elimination. Once you are eliminated, you can play out for your specific place.

  • If any division does not field at least 8 teams, there is a chance the division will be merged with another.

  • This is the typical tournament setup, however, we do experiment from time to time with other tournament formats, but will always include these differences on the tournament sign-up page.

What Can I Win?

  • One of our biggest goals is to financially support our top players

  • After set-up costs, 80% of the total money generated from the tournament goes back to the players. This includes registration costs and sponsorship money. Our tournament directors have historically held the highest payouts for roundnet tournaments.

  • The MRA rankings committee creates seasonal Top 40 rankings: The better you perform in tournaments, the more likely you are to be seen higher on the rankings. Current Rankings

  • The top 10 players who finish with the most MRA points will be a part of the first-ever MRA Elite squad. Each member will receive fully sublimated 'Midwest Elite' Jerseys along with a signing bonus and other unique opportunities. For more info, check out the Elite Page!

  • Every Division is playing for prizes! Check the fwango link for the specific prizes at the tournament you are going to.

I already signed up, but can't go anymore. Can I be refunded?

  • Yes!

  • Reach out before registration closes and we will fully refund you and your teammate!

  • Registration usually closes the Thursday before the tournament

What is the 4v4 2 net variation?

  • This a version of roundnet where roundnet is played 4 on 4 with 2 nets placed 30 feet apart

  • Play is started by serving a ball from your net that must travel at least 20 feet

  • The receiving team has 3 touches AND A BOUNCE to get the ball back onto the opponents net

  • After this, the defensive team has 4 touches AND A BOUNCE to get the ball onto the opponent's net.

  • Scoring is done the same as traditional roundnet.

  • Each player must serve, similar to volleyball.

The Players Roundnet Association did a great video on what this looks like